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TCEQ eRecords

When TCEQ was looking for a company to install and configure an Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC) management application in their production and test/failover environments, MTP was selected to accomplish that objective.

MTP migrated all records residing in the Windows file server to WCC’s Oracle database.  TCEQ staff continued to utilize the Insight and INEW applications for records management and document retrieval, respectively.  WCC integrated with TCEQ’s Insight and INEW applications for records management and document retrieval so the implementation of the application was seamless to end users. The application improved current capabilities by providing a platform to create, convert, store, search, and management of documents accessed by the INEW/InSight applications. The system reduced the need for additional physical space by converting the current paper process to a digital format.

McLane’s objectives and goals were to provide an Oracle WebCenter implementation to provide secure document management with out of the box functionality and maintain timely solution delivery. We excelled in both areas and earned a highly satisfied client.

TCEQ Restore

Another TCEQ customer wished to migrate the content of www.RestoreTheTexasCoast.org into an Oracle Web Content management system to communicate with the public regarding the status and distribution of funds from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster under RESTORE, the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF).  TCEQ also wished to have an online application created for the public to make submissions of potential projects for funding.

McLane/MTP stood up the website and application using a hosted solution, and using content and design provided by TCEQ.  The resulting webpage and application employed responsive design for easy viewing on both full-sized monitors and mobile devices.

Texas Education Agency (TEA)

In 2016, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Permanent School Fund (TPSF) wanted to leverage their investment in their Salesforce Enterprise platform by developing a Contract Management application that would encompass all external relationships and a compliance management workflow tool to track contract/vendor compliance.  The objective was to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness with a core set of administrative tools used to automate the management of information collected, controlled and edited by a single source and made available to the division in a common technological tool replacing manual processes and paper files.

To meet the goals and objectives designed by TPSF, McLane provided services including requirements gathering and documentation, design, coding, security, reporting, testing, user training, creation of user manuals and deployment of two unique yet tightly integrated applications into the TPSF Salesforce production environment.

Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)

The HHSC Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) desired to modernize a large number of COBOL batch programs that support their IMPACT (Information Management Protecting Adults and Children in Texas) system, the primary casework management tool used by DFPS.  McLane Group was directed to convert 36 batch COBOL modules (approximately 9.5 million lines of code) in IMPACT to Java, their desired target language.

The objective of the project was to eliminate reliance on batch COBOL programs used to process payments to service providers and to convert to a more easily maintained and modern software language (Java).  This involved automated code conversion, refinement by software developers and rigorous testing.  The project was completed on time and within budget. The customer expressed their complete satisfaction with the solution and outcome.

Baylor Scott and White Healthcare Logistics

When the Baylor and Scott & White Healthcare Systems merged in 2013 they created the largest non-profit healthcare system in Texas. Both systems ran their own medical supply chain systems out of warehouses in Dallas and Temple, each approximately 130,000 sq. ft., delivering almost 4,000 SKUs to 46 hospitals and over 500 patient treatment centers across north and central Texas. The Board of Directors directed their combined logistics department to reduce operating costs by $500 million over 5 years. In their first year of operations they exceeded their goal ($130 million).

McLane engaged with both logistics teams to observe and make recommendations for operational improvements, to provide an assessment of Supply Chain and fleet management operations and processes and to assess their technology and tools used to support warehouse management, inventory and procurement and distribution.  The outcome of this engagement was a recommendation that was aligned with the strategic goals of the merger which resulted in the centralization of operations in one new 130,000 sq. ft. distribution center with modern material handling systems. While that facility was being constructed McLane worked with BSW Logistics to improve current operations by re-slotting the old DCs and integrating the disparate ERPs, WMS systems and fulfillment processes including steps to reduce their reliance on large medical supply wholesalers.

Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

For almost 50 years Texas Farm Bureau Insurance has been protecting Texas families with insurance products and services.  They currently serve over 300,000 “members” and their families.  They offer a wide variety of insurance product for personal needs, farm and ranch, and commercial insurance needs.  It is common for a member to have multiple insurance policies in place but until recently each member received a separate statement for each policy.  TXFB engaged with McLane to bring these all together by developing a Master Account Bill system. Now members can pay premiums from a single consolidated statement and field offices can process single payments as well. McLane integrated with their internal information resources acting as members of the separate scrum teams to develop new feature functionality and enhancements along with software maintenance activities.

In 2019 McLane expanded our role with two new projects, one to develop a data warehouse and business intelligence capability using 4Sight BI for property and casualty, and to modernize existing web applications using the User Experience designs we developed for the Master Account Bill application.