McLane's maintenance management system is good for fleet management

Helps with:

  • Asset Management
  • Commercial Properties
  • Equipment Management
  • Incident Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Residential Properties
  • Work Order Management
McLane's maintenance management system is good for managing assets including heavy equipment
McLane's maintenance management system is good for inventory control
McLane's maintenance management system is good for managing assets including fleets of vehicles

McLane provides maintenance management system assistance logistics support, software development, and systems integration for federal government agencies and government contractors.  McLane was awarded a U.S. Army contract to modernize three existing logistics systems.  To meet this need, McLane developed the highly successful SAMS-E software suite which encompasses over 20,000 systems worldwide at all levels of Army maintenance. Using SAMS-E, customers streamline and automate operations to increase productivity and meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment.

McLane's Maintenance Management System was developed to meet the needs of non-military customers with – Asset Management • Commercial Properties • Equipment Management • Incident Management • Inspection Management • Inventory Control • Maintenance Tracking • Preventive Maintenance • Residential Properties, and • Work Order Management.

McLane's Maintenance Management System (MMS)

Our Maintenance Management System is based on SAMS-E and was commercialized for use by DoD Contractors and other non-military customers.  This is helpful for companies who must adhere to the Army’s specific requirements, such as the management of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) non-standard items. Equipment and parts can be requisitioned through your source of supply or commercial vendors.  This system can be used to manage warehouse inventory and allows managers to assign equipment to various projects.  It allows inventories to be automated to easier and accurate accountability.

Although McLane MMS was developed from SAMS-E, the system is designed for greater flexibility and growth. MMS communicates and transfers information to other systems, as well. This capability can be expanded to non-DoD systems programs. MMS can be altered to meet specific customer requirements and works in a standalone Windows environment, a networked Windows environment, and a web-enabled Citrix environment.

Maintenance Management System - MMS Fleet Expertise

McLane MMS is large enough for most any needs, including preventative maintenance management and unscheduled repairs of trucks, trailers, bulldozers, watercraft, or wind turbines and other equipment. Our fleet management expertise was born in over 100 years of distribution and logistics experience, and in particular, managing commercial fleets.

Hardened in the trenches of the U.S. Army, McLane MMS grew from our years of experience creating and deploying our products as the primary maintenance management tool for the hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment in the Army’s ground fleet. McLane MMS has continued to improve the readiness of our Military – and can do the same for your company.

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